SSTEM Program Fall 2017

Application for the Fall session is closed. Follow us on our facebook page for our Spring 2018 dates.

The Santa Clara County Medical Association (SCCMA) and Stanford Medical School (AMA-MSS Chapter) present the SCCMA and Stanford Transformative Experience in Medicine (SSTEM) Program. This program consists of four Saturday sessions that will provide you more specific insights regarding specialties within medicine. The specialties we will be covering will likely include Surgery (including exposure to anatomy), Ophthalmology, Primary Care, Cardiology, Neurology, and Psychiatry. These are subject to change.

Sample SSTEM Schedule from Previous Years (approximately 8AM-2PM for each day):

  • Session 1 – Oct 21th (at SCCMA): Neurology, Psychiatry and Cardiology; Applying to College Panel for Students
  • Session 2 – Oct 28 (at SCCMA): OB/GYN, Plastics, and Ophthalmology; Applying to College Panel for Students
  • Session 3 – Nov 04 (at Stanford Medical School): Medical Skills Workshop, Human Anatomy Tour, Campus Tour, Applying to College Panel for Parents, Award Ceremony

The SCCMA office is located at 700 Empey Way, San Jose, CA 95128.

Attendance at a ALL sessions is required. Please check your calendar before applying. We understand that emergencies may come up but any other reasons may risk not receiving the certificate of completion. We will NOT be accepting previous SSTEM participants, but our application is open to those who have previously applied to SSTEM but did not gain acceptance.

We will be inviting area experts in these fields to tell you why they love the work they do. Activities such as a suturing workshop, dissection of sheep heart, sheep brain, and cow eye, and a tour of the Stanford Anatomy lab will also take place to provide you a hand-on perspective on the some of the procedures available within a career in medicine.

Positions in this program will be limited, so please submit your application as soon as possible. Please fill out ALL of the sections to the best of your abilities. We receive many applicants but we only have limited spots available. We will announce accepted students by the end of the following week. There is no charge for the SSTEM Program, thanks to the generous support of the SCCMA.



  1. Hi! I was just wondering when applicants will receive a decision on their application? Thanks.

    1. Hey Monique! Decisions will be released by September 24th.

  2. Tina Meybergb · · Reply

    Is there an age minimum rather than being a high school student ?

    1. Only requirement is to be a high school student at the time of your application

  3. Yookyeong (Kelly) Kim · · Reply

    Hello, will all applicants for Spring 2017, both rejected and accepted, receive emails? If so, when should we expect them?

    1. Yes, both acceptances and rejections will be sent out on April 9th

  4. Hey Rashmi, It looks like qualtrics (the site that manages and hosts our application) has been experiencing some technical difficulties and outages. The application link should be back up soon hopefully. In the mean time, here is a link to a PDF version of the application for reference:

    Note that you will still be required to submit online through the qualtrics site once it is back up.

  5. Hi, I was wondering if there are any requirements for letters of recommendation with the application? I was filling it out today and noticed there was no place to submit one.

    1. Hey Dhwani! Unfortunately, we are not accepting letters of recommendation for the 2017 application cycle.

  6. Hey SSTEM!
    I applied today, when will the Spring results come out?

    1. Hey Jessica! Thanks for your interest in SSTEM. We look forward to reading your application. Results will be released in the first week of April; no later than April 9th.

      1. Great! Thank you!

  7. Leah Varghese · · Reply

    Hi , I wanted to know, if you received my application for SSTEM Winter Program. Thanks!
    Leah Varghese

    1. Yes, Leah thank you for your application. We have received and reviewed it. Please see your email for the final decision.



  8. Arushi Chandra · · Reply

    Hi, when is the summer 2016 application going to be available? Thanks.

    1. Hello Arushi, Our next program will be in the fall 2016. Application will be released in late summer/early fall.

  9. Michelle Lin · · Reply

    Hi, when will the Spring 2016 application be available?

    1. Hello Michelle, Our next program will be in the Fall 2016. Application will be released in late summer/early fall.

  10. Arushi Chandra · · Reply

    Hi, Did you guys receive my application? Thanks.

    1. Hello Arushi,

      We did receive your application. You will receive a decision today.



  11. Yennhi Vohoang · · Reply

    Did you guys receive my application? Sorry if I posted this twice.

    1. Hello Yennhi,

      We did receive your application. Thank you. Please email us at if you wish to include a different email.



  12. Yennhi Vohoang · · Reply

    Did you receive my application? I’m not sure I typed in the right email.

  13. Vivek Kamarshi · · Reply

    Do the short answer character limits include or exclude spaces?

    Thank you,

    1. Hello Vivek,

      They do include spaces.



  14. Sheyanne Villamor · · Reply

    Is it really only for Santa Clara County students? What if I go to an Alameda County School?
    I’m really interest in this. Let me know please. Thanks.


    1. Hello Sheyanne,

      We appreciate your interest in our program. As we are funded by the Santa Clara County Medical Association, we can only admit students that are residents of Santa Clara County. We are sorry if you do not fall within this requirement. Stanford hosts several other excellent programs that you may be eligible for. Please see the website here: In addition, the Stanford Splash program is another alternative.

      All the Best,


  15. How to we know if our application has submitted?

    1. Hello Cepideh, We have recieved your application. Thank you for your submission. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.



  16. Alondra Barajas · · Reply

    Hello, where are the locations/adresses in which the classes will be taking place?

    1. Hello Alondra, The first 3 Saturdays will be at the SCCMA office (700 Empey Way, San Jose, CA 95128) and the last Saturday will be hosted at Stanford Medical School.

  17. Hi is it too late to sign up?

    1. Hi Lizza, the application deadline is not until January 15th, 2016. Please see our application page for more information. We look forward to reading your application!

  18. Helen Nip · · Reply

    When will the winter 2015 application be available? Thanks.

    1. Hello Helen, the winter application will be available within the next week. We appreciate your patience and look forward to reading your application.

  19. Do you know when the winter application for 2015 will come out?
    Thank you!

  20. Monique luong · · Reply

    When will we get the email about acceptance for Spring Program 2015?

    1. We are working on reviewing applications at this time. (Update: SSTEM results are now out!)

  21. Carmela · · Reply

    When will be find out the results of the spring application?

    1. We are still working on reading the applications. Best of luck!

      1. Update: SSTEM results are now out!

  22. Hi! I was late for the Spring 2015 Application. If it is possible, may I please send in the application answers via email? Thank You.

    1. The Spring cycle is closed. Please be in the lookout for the application next year either Fall or Winter. Best of luck in the future.

  23. When will the Summer application begin?

    1. Our program only runs during the Winter and Spring at this time. Our Spring application is currently open!

  24. The last day for this program is May 2, and I am taking the SAT that day as well. I’m not sure how I will be able to manage that since they are both at the same time.

    1. We realize that many students have conflicts due to the ACT and AP exams during the Spring Session. Unfortunately, because there are only 4 weekends and the program is competitive, it is very important that students are able to attend all 4 sessions. If your scheduled SAT test date conflicts with SSTEM, we recommend focusing on your SATs and applying to our program the next cycle. However, if you would still like apply during the current cycle, be prepared to change your SAT date in the event you are admitted to SSTEM, as you will still be required to attend all four sessions. If you are a senior, we can try to accommodate.

  25. Supriya Agarwal · · Reply

    Hi, when is the Spring 2015 application going to be available?

    1. The Spring 2015 Application and Program dates have now been determined and released on the website.

      We look forward to reading your application!

  26. Theresa doan · · Reply

    Is there a fee for the program if you are accepted?

    1. Hi Theresa,

      No, the program is free to all participants!

  27. Josephine thai · · Reply

    Hi, so I was a bit confused and if one did not get accepted one would not receive an email?

    1. All students will receive an email today! Please let us know if you do not receive one by the end of the day.

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